Advanced Solutions That Work

From Sea to Shining Sea

Lawyers Choice USA has over 60 years of experience in the court reporting industry and our service area encompasses the entire USA. Wherever you need our services, we have the reporters, services and locations you need to ensure your next in-person or remote deposition is seamlessly successful.

In addition, we've chosen as our primary transcript delivery platform, allowing us to deliver transcripts to attorneys in days, not weeks or months, so they can work at peak efficiency and continue discovery without delay.

Full-Service Transcription Firm And More

Hiring interpreters, setting up video conferencing or coordinating remote deposition participants requires extensive coordination between multiple parties. Lawyers Choice USA is a full-service firm that will make those necessary arrangements for you. We are equipped to handle all your reporting and transcription needs so your team can focus on what it does best... representing your clients and protecting their best interests.

Cost-Efficient Services

Whether you represent injured individuals or large insurance companies, you should not have to overpay for fast transcription services. Through our extensive body of work with the insurance industry, Lawyers Choice USA has perfected our ability to add tremendous value to every transcript produced. Our most successful campaign is our 30-Day Preferred Rate discount, which Lawyers Choice USA applies to every transcript, allowing attorneys to save an additional 15-22% on every transcript received.

Significant savings coupled with unbeatable delivery time makes Lawyers Choice USA the clear choice for superior service at prices you can afford.