One-Click Remote Depositions

Remote EUOs.
Remote Hearings.
Remote Court Reporting.

Keep discovery moving forward at lightning speed with Lawyers Choice USA's One-Click Remote Depositions. We are a technology-driven court reporting firm second-to-none in providing attorneys with the fastest and easiest way to connect all their remote deposition participants quickly, easily and securely.

Anywhere. Anytime.
One Click Does The Trick.

Save your questions for the witness. There's simply nothing to learn when you call Lawyers Choice USA to set up your upcoming remote discovery. All coordination and scheduling of your remote deposition, remote EUO, remote hearing or remote arbitration will be handled expertly by Lawyers Choice USA's experienced staff.

Nationwide Coverage.

Transcripts. Video. Exhibits.
Accessible Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether its traditional live depositions, video depositions, in-person EUOs, video-capture EUOs, remote EUOs, Lawyers Choice USA customizes your discovery to ensure you get the maximum value out of every remote or in-person examination you conduct.

Share Case Material Simply and Easily

Lawyers Choice USA's smart repository allows you and your legal support team to share transcripts and collaborate on key issues all from within your private law firm library, hosted by Lawyers Choice USA.

30-Day Preferred Rate Discount on Every Job

Every transcript from Lawyers Choice USA comes with an automatic 30-day preferred rate discount, allowing your firm to control expenses on every case. Call us at (888) 793-2770 to schedule your next in-person or remote deposition and let the savings, and great service, begin.

10% Off Your First Deposition

All first-time customers receive an additional 10% off of their first completed deposition with our firm. Call (888) 793-2770 to schedule your next deposition or EUO today.